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USA yet again votes at the UN to allow for glorification of Naziism. Is it freedom of speech, refusal to adopt human decency, guilt, bastardy or simple hatred of the proponent that causes this behaviour?

US sides with Germany and Italy in opposing anti-Nazi resolution []

FrayedBear 9 Dec 15

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Originally the reason so many abstained or voted against this proposition in 2012, was that there was no definitive definition of what constituted fascism as opposed to nationalism, totalitarianism or other forms of extremist political philosophy.
Since the Russian annexation of the Crimea, voting against Russia in everything from the UN to the Eurovision song contest has become an international pass time.

Pastime or simple bastardy?


rt does twist things!

Ya think?


It's all about mainly the G7 and NATO losing ground to China, Russia and the BRICS. It's the abuseive G7 losing it by the super rich, in their most desperate times ever. It's a take over of the world, that hasn't happened since the Romans. It will not ever happen, yet they are giving it an amazing royal empire try


Alternative perspective:

Russia defined Nazism as being Anti-Russian. Stalin was all about supporting the Nazis but Hitler double crossed him (France has no room to talk) Thank goodness Hitler did trick Stalin, because Russian won the European theater. They've been a totalitarian dictatorship and they're closer to Nazism than they are a force against it. That is a fact.

@barjoe like I say about your Democrats & Republicans - either side of a bad penny.


Absolutely Spot On

"Not a serious effort to combat Nazism, antisemitism, racism, or xenophobia all are abhorrent and unacceptable,” but rather a “shameful political ploy” to justify the conflict in Ukraine.

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