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As a critic of Christianity, Nietzsche failed to break away from Christianity sufficiently; instead of adopting a clear style of writing, his writings are often obscure and abstract, just like those of the bible, which can therefore be taken by anyone (Hitler for example), and hijacked to suit their own lust for power. And speaking of power, can you imagine the nightmare of every human being on earth striving as ambitiously, egotistically as Nietzsche did, and the end result to society as a whole? The human who undertakes such a task must, simply by the magnitude of the striving, separate mentally from society, and hence become lost in a journey, the journey often taken by dictators who stop receiving negative feedback (because they do not tolerate it), and as a result are met with their own personal Götterdämmerung (Julius Caesar, for example). The problem is that humans are incomplete and imperfect as individuals, but not only that, are susceptible to group think as a herd, and in fact, humans are incapable of reaching a higher form of existence, that is, by themselves, they are doomed. Humans do not have the capability to live with each other in harmony, nor as individual power-seekers. Just the fact that humans possess and spread weapons that can and will eventually wipe them off the face of the earth is testimony to that. While some humans fear artificial intelligence, I for one see it as a potential for REAL rationality when it comes to making society work and doing so without religion. Humans are far more destructive and dangerous than artificial intelligence will ever be. What is needed is a huge paradigm shift, and that could occur with the advent of transhumanism, the blending of human and AI. That by no means implies that the path is easy and not free from hazards, but when you can and do think in a manner that reveals to you the statistical facts, (i.e., that if you harbor destructive and dangerous weapons that can destroy the earth long enough, you or your progeny will experience first-hand the result of them being turned loose), things will change in a positive way . . . . cooperation is essential for our survival as individuals, and as a whole world society. I would like to think that Nietzsche woke up to that in the last fleeting moments of his sanity, (The Turin horse incident) and if that is so, it is the ultimate irony that he was unable to communicate it . . . . . and the result was his works became bastardized, and the very error in his thinking became a driving force (the Nazi's übermensch and world-domination ambitions) that very likely was the herald of warning for today's geopolitics that are increasingly dangerous in world that clearly and unambiguously is hell-bent on self-destruction.
Archeus_Lore 7 Dec 18

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