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LINK J6 report confirms Trump world coordination, state lawlessness of NV fake electors - Nevada Current

I think that I voted for McDonald when he first got started in Clark County politics🤦‍ Now he's committed Treason and needs to be arrested (along with the other so-called electors who signed that hoax document)🤬

rainmanjr 8 Dec 22

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If you're a law the side to be one is the one going after these scumbags not helping them evade the law. Going after them will mean getting paid. Helping them - good luck (not)


WOW! I really can't wait to see if the DOJ is able to pin the tail on all those elephants!

McD must have some deep support in NV so just nabbing him would be a major shake up. I love how the scope of this entire coup attempt is becoming apparent in one massive breaking bubble of time. It's like Lady Justice suddenly opened her mouth and vomited.

@rainmanjr Remember the kids game pin the tail on the donkey? I just made it an elephant.


That's what you get. Voting for fat fuck, piece of shit Republicans. You get the government you deserve when you vote Republican.

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