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Emilyparkers 1 Dec 24

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Piss off!


For a price I could fix your spruiker's spiel.


capitalizing on cheating.



As an instructor at three schools of higher learning, I call this "ad" a thinly disguised offer to write a paper for a student.

Each one of my schools has a writing center accessible online (I teach all online) for students. There is assistance from the libraries, as well. These services are free, but the burden is upon the student.

Note that a "plagiarism" check is a part of the deal: that's a giveaway. I have been teaching in higher education for over 20 years and have had more cases of plagiarism in the last year than I had in the past 20. I had three in one week just a couple of weeks ago at one of my schools. At another, a student tipped me to plagiarism in a discussion board. After the last student was reported and found in violation, she did it again!

By the way, the poster is located in London. If anyone decides to use this service, be sure the paper is in American English--I once caught a plagiarizer because she consistently spelled "color" as "colour." She was too ignorant to realize that is the Brit spelling, so she didn't change it from the source from which she copied.

I have reported this to @Admin, I don't think it fits into the community guidelines. I don't know if Admin is paying any attention to us, but we'll see.

@HippieChick58 as I noted to your post on my question about ads, I started to report it, but didn't know if it violated standards or not.

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