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More commentary on SADS.

Vibrant Life - Jennifer Margulis
'Sudden, Unexpected, Age-Inappropriate Deaths'
Why do young people keep dying? Here are some things to consider
When you see reports of age-inappropriate and untimely sudden deaths—often of otherwise healthy people—there are several things to keep in mind:

  1. Excess death rates should be down. When COVID-19 was a novel virus and first circulating among humans, it presumably killed vulnerable people, especially older adults who were close to the end of their lifespans, and people with comorbidities (like obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure). Given the higher-than-average death rates from COVID-19 in 2020, our current excess death rates, in 2022, should be lower than usual. Yet we are experiencing inflated excess death rates among young people today (compared to a 5-year average pre-COVID-19). In the United States, our life expectancy rates have been dropping. This should be a huge cause for concern.
  2. When the vaccine status of the person who died in an untimely way is not mentioned, it makes sense to assume they had at least two COVID-19 vaccines. Unless shown otherwise, that assumption stands, especially if the person died from an infection, blood clots, heart attack, or cancer. Why? First of all, the vast majority of people in most industrialized countries have had at least two COVID-19 vaccines.

But there’s another reason: Nearly every mainstream media outlet in America has a bias against people who have decided to wait on getting vaccinated. Since these media outlets actively vilify vaccine-cautious people (and have done so for years), anyone who dies of COVID-19 who was not fully vaccinated is used as an example to tout the benefits of vaccines and the dire danger of not getting vaccinated. So if it is known that the person who died has not been vaccinated, that is almost always headlined in the news.

  1. It is—or should be—okay to ask loved ones about a deceased person’s COVID-19 vaccine status. In fact, every responsible scientist, medical doctor, friend, and loved one on the planet should be asking about anything and everything that may have inadvertently contributed to the unexpected and untimely death. There’s nothing offensive about asking. Or, there shouldn’t be. This also goes for deaths by suicide. We know these vaccines can cause psychosis and other mental health problems, as can getting sick with COVID. We don’t know if over-vaccination is contributing to the rising suicide rates among young people. But asking if someone who died by self-harm was vaccinated is a fair question.
    . We should all be happy and relieved when there is no connection between the sudden and untimely death and the COVID-19 vaccines. Right now there is a growing body of scientific evidence that shows that the vaccines are indeed responsible for many of these untimely excess deaths. (Please read Ed Dowd’s new book, Cause Unknown.) No one wants this to be the case. Which is why it must be actively investigated.

If the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment have nothing to hide, they would be designing scientifically rigorous experiments to definitively rule out the possibility that COVID-19 vaccines are causing many sudden and otherwise inexplicable deaths. Instead, the conversation is being actively silenced and even asking questions about vaccine safety is considered misinformation. To wit, when I posted a link to a November 12 NBC article stating that Pfizer and Moderna would be researching the possible link between vaccines and myocarditis, I was banned from Facebook.
5. It’s probably not a good idea to wish death on anyone. That’s been backfiring a lot lately. High profile seemingly healthy young people who were adamant that the unvaccinated should be excluded from society and that their choice not to get vaccinated would result in a Darwinian natural selection event have since died. I could give you a list of a thousand examples. Scroll through my Twitter feed and you’ll see hundreds.

One is Julie Powell, whose blog inspired the movie Julie & Julia.

“I would argue that COVID does kill some of the right people. The anti-vaxxers/maskers are dying in legions,” Powell tweeted on October 1, 2021. (One of many angry tweets expressing frustration with and wishing harm on people making health choices different from hers.)
She died a year later, on October 26, 2022, purportedly of cardiac arrest. Powell was only 49 years old. The fact checkers insisted her untimely age-inappropriate death was unrelated to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Another is comedian Nick Nemeroff, who died at age 32 at the height of his career.

Doug Briognole, a 62-year-old bodybuilder, died “from COVID” after telling his large following that if the vaccine were dangerous, he would die after getting it. He did die. But, again, his unexpected death was not related. According to the fact checkers, anyway.

  1. But even if you were a hateful jerk and told all the dirty selfish non-vaccinating people to go to hell, your untimely death isn’t any less tragic.
  2. Because, believe me, no one in the maybe-we-should-be-cautious camp wants anything bad to happen to you or anyone else. All we’ve ever wanted is for people to understand the idea “you do you and I do me.” This means I don’t tell you not to eat Pop-Tarts for dinner or to get your colonoscopy before I will allow you to come into my home. In turn, you don’t tell me that I’m not allowed in your restaurant or place of worship because I decided I did not want to fund big pharma’s big profits.

I truly don’t understand why this is such a difficult concept for so many people. If the vaccines work, there is no reason on God’s green earth for you to be fearful for a millisecond of someone who chooses not to get vaccinated. If the vaccines don’t work, and you decided to get them, there is no reason on God’s green earth that you would want other people to make the same mistake you did.
8. Kill the messenger as often as you want. Yes, my lovely little haters, I am ____ [fill in the blank with the dozens of nasty things people who don’t know me but are offended by my scientifically grounded COVID-19 vaccine safety concerns love to say to me]. But insulting, cancelling, or killing the messenger doesn’t make the message go away. Sorry/Not sorry.

  1. To understand these sudden and excess deaths, you need a dictionary to translate and decipher the news. Here you go:

“Anti-vaxxer” = thoughtful person or pro-health advocate who has likely done thousands of hours of research, and lost friends and family, but is speaking the truth because they care more about health than ego, money, or being right. Substitute the word “anti-vaxxer” for “vaccine-safety advocate,” or for “a person who puts people over profits.”

“Disinformation” = information that’s likely to be true but that threatens the mainstream opinion or the medical establishment’s profit margins.
“Fact checker” = someone who knows little to nothing about health or science but is being paid to find scientifically verifiable facts about COVID-19 and vaccine safety to be “false.” What’s lovely and wonderful about these fact-checking articles is they say things like: “Country singer Jake Flint didn’t die from the COVID-19 vaccines, according to his publicist.” Because, you know, Jake Flint’s publicist is a credible, reliable source who can knowledgeably speak about Jake Flint’s death. He died in his sleep, just a few hours after getting married. Many newspapers are receiving large amounts of money from Pfizer, Moderna, and other pharmaceutical giants, as Ed Dowd details in his book. How shocking—shocking!—that these same newspapers exonerate vaccines as a possible cause of death.

“False” = true

“Misinformation” = missing information

“Rare” = happening much more often than our public health authorities want us to realize
“Retracted science” = information you need to read and consider with an open mind. These days a lot of science is being retracted for political and pharmaceutical, not scientific, reasons.'

BDair 8 Dec 27

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Edward Dowd is doing extensive evaluation of this increase in all cause mortality rates and associated increases in disability claims. His interviews can be found on bitchute. All coincide with the release of the COVID vaccines, not COVID. This is why there's a growing shortage of workers.

Experts are baffled, what could be causing the SADS?

@BDair Dowd talks about how even the life insurance companies, who are paying out these claims, are reluctant to make a judgement on what is causing this increase in death and disabilities. The reason is they forced their employees to get vaccinated. Talk about irony.

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