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Yesterday I went out for brunch. In the restaurant I saw a young person (wearing earrings, might have been female) wearing a tee shirt with “Fuck Your Feelings” printed across the front. Now, what do you suppose she’s trying to tell the world?

I wanted to ask her what’s behind the shirt. But frankly, approaching a stranger in a restaurant about such a potentially explosive topic might easily go in an unintended direction. Later, when I got back to my computer, I found several websites selling that shirt and other variations of it. As you might guess, those websites are for right-wingers offering many possibilities for mocking and making fun of liberals, progressives, democrats, etc.

I interpreted her shirt as a way of saying: “Caring about other people is weak and stupid.” Hmmm, really? My response to the shirt is: Humans survived over the last 150,000 years because we banded together and cared about each other. That was and still is the very basis for civilization. If you don’t care anything about other people, you aren’t really civilized. You aren’t really human.

Am I over-reacting?

mischl 8 Jan 2

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I see a complete stranger with a tee shirt and the words ‘fuck your feelings ’are printed on it. I regard it as nothing more than an attempt to produce a reaction in me and everyone who sees it, a lowly form of attention seeking.

Good response!


I might, with anger, say “Fuck your feelings” to someone in my life who had too often tried to manipulate me with “My feelings are that ….”

People who use that or a similar expression, and expect me to respond with feelings like theirs, could have that effect on me.

However, I would rather respond earlier with “I don’t like your repeatedly saying that to me.”

In short, @mischl, though someone may believe your final sentence, you might have over-analyzed the shirt or the expression.

Yeah, I accept that I've over-reacted. And I don't like to let other peoples punch my buttons like that. So yeah, I actually didn't. I came home and ruminated. That motivated me to write a few mini-essays, getting back at the little bitch. (hee hee)


No, your interpretation about "caring about other people" is wrong. No one, not even the most right wing person thinks caring is weak or stupid. Many, do think many of the "woke" expressions of caring are overly sensitive at best.

I've run into many right-wingers, especially recently here in Florida, who espouse "the weak should die" philosophies, right in my face.

@mischl "Right wingers" or toothless idiots?

@Alienbeing Both. Sometimes the young ones still have some teeth.

@mischl I guess it depends on your definition of "right wing".


Eye catching for immature people, usually teenagers!

Diaco Level 7 Jan 2, 2023

Sometimes young people ate just being provocative. I had a mohawk in my late teens as I knew it would be the last chance before having a serious job. The reactions were priceless.

MizJ Level 8 Jan 2, 2023

To me it simply means "I don't care what you think, I'm doing what I think is well and good, and too bad if you don't like it." I might be wrong and it might have right wing sentiment, but unless it says something to that effect like Trump 2024 underneath, or she was wearing a red hat, I wouldn't make any judgments on it.

I'm currently dealing with an ex-bf giving me a hard time about dancing with a girlfriend for a few minutes on NYE and now he's saying that was disrespectful to him because I had let him sit at the same table as me and 5 other people, so I guess he thought he owned me all night, even though we haven't seen each other in about a year. I saved all the other dances for him after that comment, but that wasn't enough. I'm still paying for being a good table mate. He just won't let it go, and I have pretty much said "F your feelings" in not those exact words these past couple of days in reply to the barrage of texts and emails he's sent about the matter. There's a reason he's my ex.

If I had a shirt like that, I might be tempted to wear it on my bike ride today, since I'll be passing by where he's staying for the week. But instead, if he happens to be out walking where I riding, I'll just give him my eyebrow shrug and will keep pedaling.


Nice to see you post. Hope you are well on the way with recovery.

Thanks, Kathleen. I'm about 95% recovered, give or take. I can walk pretty good now, although I like to use a cane most of the time, just for balance mostly.

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