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LINK How to Defuse the Overpopulation Bomb - YouTube

There is a limit to how many humans the earth can support...

snytiger6 9 Jan 3

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Take a page of China's book and limit couples to 2 or less. Unless the woman conceives more than 2 sperms during sex. I don't have any kids and don't to have any.

The forced (fines, bad schools, etc) one child thing didn't work too well in China. We shall see how their 2 child works. The main problem with one child was Chinese parents wanting boys if only allowed one kid.


Here is a good read from the Smithsonian Magazine which is a pro science publication and generally trustworthy, and it seems they think that Ehrlich's predictions/possibilities amounted to mostly fear porn-


2 billion people on Earth are under the age of 15.

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