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Only reason to live?

Is the only reason to live the fact that you mean something to someone else??t

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Grecio 7 Apr 30

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I live to do my mission. But I work hard to remain as healthy as I can so my family doesn't have to worry so much.


One person told me he wanted to live to see what the next iphone was going to be like. hahahahah


Right now the score is 13-3 in favor of there are reasons to live other than we mean something to someone else. I wonder what those reason are? I guess we are here to keep the human race going for some reason. I don't know??


What are the reasons for living? Have a good time while it last? A doctor one told me that life is a terminal illness. We don't owe anybody anything. A guy wrote a book saying basically that there is as much evidence that there is a God but he is bad as there is evidence for an omnipotent God that is all good.


Yes,I would have checked out long ago,if it wasn't for family needing me


There is also the mystery of what will happen next in my life and how will things turn out.


Here's a thought experiment for you:

You wake up one day to find all other humans have disappeared. You are (magically) given the knowledge that they're safe somewhere else, but they are never returning to Earth. Everything else remains on Earth (previous human artifacts, animals, etc.).

Would you continue to live? What would you do with your time?


I live for many reasons.


If that were the case I would have had no reason to live many times in my life. I have never been in this situation since having kids, but prior to marriage i was an ultimate loner. No friends, or even acquaintances unless you count people who serve me in shops. The opportunity to improve your situation is certainly a reason to live.


No, that would be a secondary reason at best. My reason to live is primarily to fulfill myself as a human being and be who I choose to be. An important part of that involves my relationships with others in my family and friends circle, as well as concern for the extended circle of mankind in general, and the environment. Living only for someone else would be a dysfunctional codependent situation at best.


Read or isten to the book Man's Search for meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

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