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Out of Objective truth, personal truth and political truth who wins vaccines mandates debate?

I win because being unvaxxed, caught no covid. Wail most vaccinated people in North America caught covid and most of the world population was not fully vaccinated.The Objective and personal truth won over political truth. Who really wants to trust the Government, when 80% don't like the Government.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 10

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“The Firehose of Falsehoods.”

Prove it, you can not.


And thousands who also were unvaxxed and caught Covid and died are the losers. Objective truth is just that and always beats personal 'truth' which are often personal lies.

Winning can be like a numbers risk game, lowering suffering and enhancing pleasure and joy.

Like siverrotter says, no one gets out alive. Yes, everyone dies, yet not everyone lives. Why not? fear tobacco, cancer, heart disease, sexual disease, hoof animals/mosquitoes killing more than covid annually. Better not risk living, stay home with a mask of shame. I'll make my own sacrifices.


The problem is NOT the government, the problem is people, uneducated silly humans that think they have a good bead on things. No one gets out alive, so there are no winners or losers. There's just life.

All one can do is laugh at the ignorati. You would think they've learned their lesson not to spread their conspiracies on this site. Of course, NOOOO.


I've run out of conspiracy theories, because all my conspiracy theories have come true. I must make some new ones up. All I got to do is search for the greediest people on earth , like follow the money and there is the main source of the problems, then start new questions and anwsers.

I lost alot during covid vaccines mandates. Loose some, yet truth runs marathons and wins. Also most people I know would say the pandemic has been the worst society tragedy in their lifetime. Took the objective and personal truths from my life experience of holistic lifestyle and practices. Plus mixed artist profession of 50 years,, using numerology, with patterns in history rather than scientific observations. The onesided science of the political truths and greedy was mostly dismiss by me . As compliance theory of questionable science with their series of failures and disservice constantly.

@Castlepaloma []


Most conspiracy theories would lack facts and evidences and too many rabbits holes to go down. . Not, when 1000s of doctors and sciencist are trying to sue the Government over mandate, if not other vaccines, it will be some other vaccines or green passports. . Also when farmers, truckers, doctors and citizens have made the world largest protesting all over the world about vaccines and foods in the history of human. Covid vaccines has the greatest failure rate stopping infections and spreading of all the viruss vaccines in history. Not when Fauci said 90% of the world population has to be vaccination for it to work. Or Biden claims the vaccines are 100% safe. And most of world's population is not fully vaccinated and we are not all dead yet. There is a rapid change of mistrust for the Government , more than ever before.
Beside everyone conspires.


Other reasons the unvaxxed won both objective and personal covid vaccines debate (thats 2 out 3 truths). Most of the world population did not get fully vaxxed and only 20% caught the covid, Africa continent less than10%. Look at the G7 mostly vaxxed and mostly caught covid. Political truth is not good enough win for the people.

Just keep wasting your time.

Might be right, wasting time on the most destructive and most demolition nationism and globalist ever experienced in my lifetime. Be much better off spenting time and energy, continuing creating healthier foods, freedom and affordable housing for the minimum wage perple, I Can't continue mastering life without loving what I do. Certainly the gov and super rich energy vampire will dump or SUCK you dry Then somebody will have to wipe their backsides.

@Castlepaloma This is how the conspiracy nutters are, rightly, being seen. Go away. []

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