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LINK MSNBC guest scorches Garland over probes

I agree with the angry black man. The investigations of all living Presidents for classified documents seems something The FBI should be doing (and likely is) but a Special Prosecutor is not going to be believed unless they bring down government itself so what's their point? Looks like nothing is what Garland's going to do, anyway, so another coup will likely be tried with the first Con WH. I'd bet Ben Hur will be happy in that DoJ as well so what kind of f*ck does he care?

I don't like humans because my experience tells me they can't be counted on. That's only being reinforced in our modern world.

rainmanjr 8 Jan 14

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Saw it. Loved it. He's right. Rare to see anything other than spinners on these networks. Good on him.


This is how conspiracy theories start. When a leading figure commits crimes and continues to go unpunished simply shows someone in a high position is corrupt. This issue has become soooo frustrating for sane and responsible Americans who only want people who commit crimes that put the whole country at stake be held accountable. I wonder how many people are writing the DOJ saying how frustrated they are for the inaction we are seeing today.


I'm not sure how much clearer it can be that trump broke the law. Certainly all presidents have taken some home, either by accident or by design. trump lied, trump hid them and then is the number of documents. merrick garland is a huge disappointment.

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