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LINK Idaho Republican Sorry for Comparing Women's Health to Milking Cows

(I think he typifies how little republican men think of women.)

A newly-elected Idaho lawmaker apologized after he compared reproductive health policies to his experience milking cows as a farmer. 

Republican Rep. Jack Nelsen said he was "embarrassed" that he suggested his experience as a "lifelong dairy farmer" offered him insight into reproductive issues, according to the Idaho Statesman. 

"I've milked a few cows, spent most of my time walking behind lines of cows, so if you want some ideas on repro and the women's health thing, I have some definite opinions," Nelson said with a laugh during a meeting of the state's House Agricultural Affairs Committee, per the Statesman.

—Idaho Democratic Party (@IdahoDems) January 12, 2023

The comment sparked an immediate backlash from Idaho's Democratic party, who tweeted a video of the incident, adding that "politicians like Jack Nelsen have no business mandating our reproductive health care decisions." 

In a statement to Insider, Nelsen said he was "very sorry" for his remarks. 

"I sincerely apologize for the way I phrased my statement regarding women and reproductive rights. It missed the mark and I am very sorry. I have always believed and continue to believe the government does not belong in the doctor's office. I am committed to doing better," Nelsen told Insider. 

Earlier this month, the US Supreme Court upheld Idaho's near-total abortion ban, which has exceptions for rape, incest, and saving a pregnant patient's life. 

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Most repubs & religious have low opinion on females. That's really sad that there egos are so fragile they treat women that way.

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