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A politician less #stupid than most? Geoffrey Young.

Impeach ‘war criminal’ Biden over Ukraine – US Democrat []

FrayedBear 9 Jan 15

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Andy Beshear is the current governor of Kentucky and a very good man. Unfortunately he's term limited. This clown will never get the Democratic nomination for governor and if he did (which he won't) and I lived in Kentucky, I'd vote for the fucking Republican. Fuck Jeff Young!


There was a IQ test of different groups of people. Politicians actually did the highest score, followed by the nerds, than atheist, 4th scientists and 5th place were Christian they beat out Twins.

The opposing side is that Politicians have worst sense of moral code. That more important to me to oppose, than being able to remember all their lies.


When will you learn that quoting rt is as useful as quoting Dr. Zuess?

Actually Dr Zuess was very well informed about world war 2. He draw cartoons about it during entire war and publish a big book of the US involvement in world war 2.

Rt state. There is no way Russia can lose this war and no way Ukraine and NATO can possibly win it,” he said last week. I would not want Putin parking his missles in Quebec or Ontario boarders at the US. China is even a bigger problem for the US than Russia. Russia also has more nuclear weapons than US. I find it stupid to flirt with nuclear war, because we have not done it before with Russia for many good reasons

@Castlepaloma What is stupid is even considering any country not ruled by a mad person would use Nukes. It is also irrelevant that Russia, China or anyone else has more nukes than we do.

We have (and Russia and China know this) sufficiet nukes and targeting ability to level any country. LONG ago countries realized that M.A.D. (mutually assured destruction) means NO ONE can win.

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