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POLL What world awaits Gen Z? | Malcolm Gladwell x Brain Bar

I play Spades or Chess.

I found Malcolm's thoughts helpful and enlightening?

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rainmanjr 8 Jan 15

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Malcolm Gladwell is an inspiration in his critical thinking of the world and its future. But he doesn't get everything right. The biggest problem of sub Saharan Africa is not malaria. It is corrupt political leadership. This is a far more complex problem to solve than finding a vaccine for malaria.

On another positive note. Take a look at Atul Gawande and his solution to the quality needs of the new medical profession

My medical plan is to refuse any treatment that doesn't come in a pill form which the V.A. pays for. I would not treat a life threatening condition, like cancer, refuse an ambulance ride under any conditions. I'm ready to go and my heart stops only once.


Moderate quite good, though I have doubts about whether the sports analogy works for real life, quite so perfectly as he claims.

I think it works well enough for his point.

@rainmanjr It seems to in the video, but I am just always wary of analogy and metaphor, you can use those to prove anything.

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