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LINK Classified documents found at Pence's Indiana home | CNN Politics

Ha, ha, ha. Maybe they can start a club.

It seems to me that if they really care about mislayed classified documents they should create a reliable and easy to follow procedure to prevent mishandling.

RichCC 8 Jan 24

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I hope that "they" stay out of my garage as there is no telling what is in there.


I'd suggest that the DOJ has decided to go after politicians holding on to classified docs and this certainly won't be the last politician being found with them. Look for Senators and Congressmen next.


Yes they should. At the basic level of classification handling the procedures are very clear and very strict and deviating from that won't end well.

It's interesting that this all started coming out from the national archives. Where the fuck are the intelligence agencies responsible for this material? Either, 1) they are morons or 2) they are looking the other way when a politician breaks the law. Trust me, it's not #1.

They can't rock the boat too much. Otherwise they may not get their piece of the military-industrial pie when they reenter the private sector.

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