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Both terms quite often are used interchangeably, but there is a distinct difference between the two. The term “scientific” should be primarily used to identify and describe an activity or an event in the fields of natural and exact sciences, such as physics, mathematics, chemistry or biology. It will be very normal to use the term “scientific” to describe a conference in astrophysics or a summer school in theoretical physics.

Usually, mainly in non-English speaking countries, the term “scientific” is used also to describe events and activities in humanities and social sciences, which is a wrong way. For example, it is not right to describe a conference in literature or history as “scientific”. In this case, to describe an event or activity in humanities or social sciences it is better to use the term “academic ”instead of “scientific”.

Accordingly, the term “academic” describes any activity or event in humanities, social sciences as well as natural and exact sciences. It is possible to say “academic conference in history” and “academic conference in physics”.

So the main difference between the “scientific” and “academic” is that the “academic” is used to describe any academic activity or event in any field of academic activities, but the term “scientific” should only be used to describe events and activities in the fields of natural and exact sciences.

TOFERD 4 Jan 24

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