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what does parenting as a team look like?

Relationships between parents and children are often fraught with conflict and misunderstanding, leading to sadness and alienation.

Learn how you can strengthen your relationship with your child, built on a foundation of love and trust.

TOFERD 4 Jan 24

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My wife takes care of the kids and I work so that she can raise them based on the values that we were married on.

So they can own the Lib’s kids in kindergarten.

@NostraDumbass home schooling so no kindergarten

@CourtJester So as to keep them in a sanitized bubble for as long as possible, just like a Christian. You’re in a cult, man. And when your kids grow up and are able to think for themselves, they’ll recognize what you tried to do them and disown you for it, just like you disowned your mother.


Considering that I’m a doctor and my wife is a psychologist, I’m inclined to believe that we have a stronger gene pool.
While your kid is learning about washing their hands, mine will be learning about cardiac muscle structures and autism research.
You booger picking basement dwellers will call them “privileged” because their cared.

@CourtJester A doctor…..who refers to Covid as “the flu with media buzz” and ridicules the fully vaccinated.

A doctor….who believe that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax, and doesn’t know the difference between climate and weather.

A doctor…who disparages the scientific method because it never stops asking questions. (Yes, you really said that to me once, whether or not you still remember it now).

You come off more like a serial liar á la George Santos, man. Which means your wife probably isn’t really a psychologist. Pity, because it sounds like you could use one.

Stranded at the shallow end of the gene pool.

I'm always shocked at the number of people that believe things simply because CNN told them it was true. But i keep coming back to giggle at it.

@CourtJester I believe the science. If CNN were to contradict it, then I would absolutely not believe them. But the ones mostly doing that are on the far right: NewsMax, Fox News, etc. This is where people who can’t handle the truth go to get their news. But I don’t giggle at them, because it’s actually a tragedy. I feel sorry for them, because conservative newscasting doesn’t have to be this bad.


The US and Europe are worlds cleaner than Africa, Asia, and South America. And you paying more taxes won’t fix that, but it’s a great reason to get more money. In 2001, Al Gore’s house had the highest electric bill than any home in the state of Tennessee and Obama bought a house on the Atlantic Ocean. They talk a good game, but they obviously aren’t buying what they’re selling.

You should do some research on the mines and the conditions in the Congo where slave labor is used to get the minerals for your batteries, solar panels, and wind mills. It’s one hell of a money game.

Never met an educated person that believes it.

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