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All my Conspiracy theories have come true. Don't dump all those other ridiculous theories on me.

New title now is- Pattern recognitionist.

Castlepaloma 8 Jan 27

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Pattern recognition. = Positive error bias. Definition, positive error bias: animal's ( including human ) brains are designed by nature, to have a positive bias in favour of recognizing patterns, more patterns than are actually there. Because in a natural environment negative errors, generally carry more cost than positive ones.

To recognize I'm a bio_organism and individualism in practice patterns. Over any kind of secondary Centroism like banks, Governments and wealthy lobbyists, which are unnaturally coded. It's not bias to serve oneself, first, then to give it all away. If I want love and money, I must give love and money to serve as a humanitarian. Natures laws and patterns I practice daily in urban farming, freedom and self- sustaining housing and keep getting better. Love my kids, where Government do not love my kids. Justice doesn't even work in nature, as the cougars eats the fox and the fox eats the rabbit and so on. Yet, can understand natures laws and patterns and can easily control these dangers. Colonistism and empires have a patterns , working against natural way, causing delusional freedoms and handcuffing individuals. They more often require slaves, yet most fear to question them. Recently power to be are more than ever separating people, dividing, labeling and conquering them. They drive groups against each other and where I'm not against anything, just not for centroism. That is why it's very important to question everything because everyone conspires and it's enen easier to recognize patterns of the far over rated, greedy wealthy. . Nature and imagination is my religion for the health of every man or woman. Which that doesn’t make me a tin hat conspiracy theorists, Recognizing patterns allows us to predict and expect what is coming. The process of pattern recognition involves matching the information received with the information already stored in the brain. Making the connection between memories and information perceived is a step of pattern recognition called identification. Pattern recognition requires repetition of experience. Semantic memory, which is used implicitly and subconsciously is the main type of memory involved with recognition. The subconscious is more self powering than the conscious mind. It puts me more often a step ahead in the objective and personal truths vs the political truth of confusion. What better self leadership is there, than this?

@Castlepaloma I am sure that is all very true, and I quite agree with you. But it is also true that while pattern recognition is without doubt of great use. Biologists have still observed that we are inclined to vastly over recognize patterns, and that is part of our nature.

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