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People grieve in the manner familiar to them. I cannot imagine the horror involved for Tyre and his loved ones. I still reject the notion of a God that operates in this manner.


WilliamCharles 8 Jan 27

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They obviously went well beyond the level they should have, but that also doesn’t happen to to people that don’t run from and fight with the police either.

He didn't fight, he was cuffed. Also, he didn't commit a crime. Defending their actions is detestable. There are tons of videos of innocent people getting killed by police who didn't fight or run. Remember Daniel Shaver?


Both sides are wrong. Wrong is wrong. But the video I saw he was running and was fighting. Looking at what escalated the situation; there ya go.

@CourtJester He didn't fight. The man was running for his life. Your comment is a false equivalency.


Okay…. So I’ve spent the past four days mostly working, sleeping, or sleeping in my office at work. I hadn’t watched the news hardly at all so I figured I would YouTube a full video to get the total context to prove you crybaby liberals wrong.

I saw it from the start. You are absolutely correct and my previous statement didn’t have it from the start. I haven’t changed my opinion on what the end result should be for the cops. I would recommend a change in the process, but liberals on here would lose their ever loving minds if I spoke out about publicly hanging five black guys.

That’s fucked up.

@CourtJester I appreciate you looking at the evidence and changing your opinion. FWIW, those cops will get what's coming to them in prison.


For sure.
I have family that’s city, county, and state police. I considered be a state cop when younger. So I tend to lean more towards supporting the cops right out of the gate. Those guys were prescribed some serious steroids. That was full on retard.


This manner of operation is apparently not changed by what name we choose to call it.

skado Level 9 Jan 28, 2023
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