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Not all who wander are lost…


skado 9 Jan 28

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tho many who wonder could easily be.


Fun read! Thank you for posting.

My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it.


The state has never liked anyone who challenges it because the state is about control. Nomads and gypsies are considered a threat to the state, mainly a threat to the business community who cannot sell them anything. You cannot have people freely wandering around; if they do not pawn their future by becoming indebted then the state considers them a useless disturbance.


Both political Parties are guilty of neglecting border legislation establishing a fair, secure, and controlled border (for all four borders). I advised The Dreamers to not expose themselves in the first place (under Obama's plan) as it was a cruel trick to identify them. But people get all enthusiastic, especially for their Party, and don't listen to me. SMH.

The republican party has used immigrants and migrant labor as a political football forever. As soon as the settlers dispossessed Native Peoples and kicked out the British, who was allowed into "their" country has been a big issue. Much of what the GQPers run on are simply myths. The whole independant cowboy bullshit was the horse ronny road into the White House. Sadly he believed all those western movie ideals about how the west was won.
Into the 1990's tho many in both parties had the same views on immigrants and how to handle the issue . . . and then they didn't. The GQPers actually caused much of the problem by making crossing the border and issue. For years migrant labor freely crossed over to work and then they would go back - mainly to Mexico. But when it became an election issue many came to work but being afraid if they return home as they had in the past they may not be able to come back to work so they just stayed-illegally of course.
Just another fine example of creating a problem and claiming only they can solve it - just elect me.

@silverotter11 Yes they have but that doesn't absolve Dems of their political aspirations from not getting the job done. Migrant jobs tend to pay much lower so create artificial cheap prices.


Good read. In America we used the cheap labor of migrants. We made myths of the men and sometimes the women who wondered west to settle/tame the wilderness.
Now I'll get back and finish reading.😍

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