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Like, obviously, the Supreme Court itself, you know, it harkens back with its marble and its columns and statues to the very roots of law. And in all of this is meant to add permanency and permanency and legitimacy of history and tradition to the court. And it’s meant to build up that myth, but really, we are, in a way we’re seeing that that myth turned against us…The United States Supreme Court right now is abusing these myths and traditions and its reputation as a court of law. But I think we actually at this point, have to stop thinking of it as a court of law and more as a court that is bent on giving political whims the force of law, and on converting America into the Christian nation that it was never intended to be.

rainmanjr 8 Feb 9

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There have been calls to increase the size of Scrotus - what it's now become) and it got me to thinking about math. In order for the court to have a majority one way or the other there needs to be an odd number on the court. I suddenly realized when one adds two even numbers or even two odd numbers you get an even number. It's only if you add an odd and an even number to get an odd number. With the present make-up today we would have to add 4 new judges to get to a majority on one side. Right now, with the house Republican the odds of even getting a vote on adding more members is 0.

Yeah. This isn't going to happen and that's why I would prefer to go after sitting Justices, like Thomas (for sure) and Amy for lying to Senate (she directly lied but the other two might be said to have fudged the truth).

@rainmanjr Seems to some lying and total loyalty are prime virtues


More of Andrew. This is how to argue against National Christianity.

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