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Free Will?

Do humans have free will?

If I had free will, I would never get sick, never grow old, and never die. I would have all that I need and never have to work for any one or thing that was in contradiction to my self-preservation or contentment. Time would be irrelevant as I could move forward and backwards through it. I could will myself to anywhere in the galaxy. I am dubious of free will.

McVinegar 8 May 1

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Making the round again the same question. Why atheist that claim not to believe in god or agnostic that havent found one way or another want to know?

@McVinegar So your assumption of "will" being divine is so "churchy"... I am living in a home with 3 Free Willing Chihuahuas that can teach you a mamal lesson about your thoughts.


Free will is like,a right to work state,a right to make less ,and treated like shit.


That is not free will. 🙂 Free will is nothing like what you are talking about, which actually seems to be getting anything you want. You are talking more about having a magic genii with a million wishes, or being GOD I think! Free will is just being able to make your own choices for things that are possible in your Life. Go to work, or not go to work and take the consequences. Free will is different than DIVINE Will. 🙂
Technically humans do not really have true free will in the sense people usually mean, but for practical purposes what we do have seems good enough to be free will for every day purposes.

@McVinegar Correct, you only control so much of your life, so we do have some real limitations. Free will means we get to act at our own discretion, but obviously we can't act with powers and abilities we do not have, or act to do things that infringe on other rights or harm them without serious consequences. Free will means we can choose an action instead of being told what to do, but in all cases we are responsible for our own actions. Doing whatever you want with no consequences would be more like reckless anarchy, and the world would not last long if we were all like that! No harm in some daydreaming of doing things you really can't do though! Make sense?

@McVinegar Yes, you can control some of your biology with thoughts, and I can reduce my breathing, heart rate and blood pressure using meditation for about 10 minutes. People can also train their minds to not feel pain or reduce it and so on. But the most vital controls over body functions is handled by the subconscious mind, not the conscious one. Not sure why you asked that though.
We call decision making free will, because ONLY we have the will to freely make our own decisions of course. FREE WILL IS CHOOSING A COURSE OF ACTION FROM AMONG VARIOUS ALTERNATIVES. Magic and doing impossible things are not among the alternatives you have available to choose from. Free will is not Divine power to do anything, and we all have common sense limitations on our free will like it or not.
Willing something into being is not choosing from all the real alternatives you can decide to do, so it is not free will, that is trying to do magic.

@McVinegar Yes the subconscious is real, and without it your heart would stop since you have no control over making it beat correct? What do you think is running your body 24/7 whether you are asleep or even under anesthetic on an operating table? By the way, to be a Scientific Theory they have to have good evidence to start with for it even to exist.

@McVinegar I just told you your vital biological functions are controlled by your biology in your subconscious mind through biochemistry, and I gave you a link that explains that. Are you just playing games now, or are you seriously saying you can't Google Neuroscience to learn more it and the research and data we have on from the last 50 years? We were talking about free will, not me being required to cite proof for things you can easily look up.




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