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LINK Bernie Sanders Meets Frankie Boyle | It’s OK To Be Angry About Capitalism

Incredible presentation. Bernie as we've not heard him in quite a while. Questions were overly long but that's become very common during any interview, needlessly I might add, but they were good questions (once gotten to). I completely agree with Bernie on everything. If we were to really examine ourselves, get hold of our egos and catagories and labels and colors and all the rest of it, just demand equal Human Rights for everyone that are free of religious claptrap, and refuse to pay a govt that will not produce such Rights until they do (should be easy since we already have such a product in our constitution) then we would be on a track for something worth paying attention to. As it is, States Of America is very likely doomed to expire in a puff of self-righteousness in every single one of those petty labels. If they are human, and a citizen, then they have equal Human Rights. Govt must pay to preserve and defend any aspect of abuse to those Rights, which means access to lawyers and health professionals for any condition which requires treatment, and that should solve most of these "issues" which are keeping us from addressing climate change or inequality.

Get a grip, everyone. Please. Bernie likes it when I say please so...please.

rainmanjr 8 Mar 2

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