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Should Australian's have a right to be protected from egregious violations of their human rights because of failure to legislate it into Australian Federal Law?

People’s rights matter,
all of the time

The legal framework should:
• Protect human rights.
• Prevent violations of human rights.
• Provide effective relief for breaches of human rights.
It means that:
Laws should respect
human rights.

When decisions are made,
the human rights impacts
should be considered.
Remedies should be
available where human
rights have not been
considered or have
been breached without
Parliament, governments and public officials should
be held to account for how they consider human
rights impacts in their decision-making.
The impact of laws, policy and practice on people’s
human rights should always be considered.
This reflects: our commitment to democratic
principles, and ‘Australian values’ that respect civil
liberties, rights and fundamental freedoms


Should Australian's have protection against violations of their human rights?

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FrayedBear 9 Mar 7

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To "Be protected"??? Their current government says that they are protecting them.
Maybe if the people gave the government more power, they would protect them even more-betterer.

The statement "Their current government says that they are protecting them." is perjury. Australia has no bill of rights.
I was told 30 years ago by a full bench of the Federal Court (3 judges) that "because the Australian Government has not legislated & incorporated the international human rights covenants and treaties signed in its name by its representatives they are not required to uphold them."


I’d have to ask the Aboriginals.

Why? Can't you decide for yourself?
There are now over 250 sources of Australian immigrants. About 800, many now extinct, are aboriginal or first nations people.

@FrayedBear Sorry ,I’m a product of public education can’t decide for myself…you nailed it. In this take no action for liability’s sake society it’s watch as human rights are violated and Tic Tock video as someone bleeds out waiting on law enforcement and medical first responders.


I’m tempted to go for option one lol.

I don’t know enough about Oz human rights low to comment.

Other than the 501 issue. Oz is doing a great job of sending their kiwi dregs back to us.

There's over ½million shaky islanders already here.

@FrayedBear Good point, it’s a two way flow.

My workmate is from Melbourne, she came over to be with her partner. Pretty big sacrifice! 😂

She’s in Orewa, there’s worse places you could be living at. It’s a nice beachside community.


In my hippy days, we were dangerousally free , unlike safty slaves of today. We had great issues with killiaires, stateist, War's, and racism that we handled better than today. It's all about greed gone a muck, control and power vs love, individualism and bio organisms first. We do not have human rights, just privileges We don't have the freedom like our old hippy days , just the elustion freedom from our Governments today. People must wake up once again to the abuse of Stateist, banks and pharmaceutical scammers. More abuse to come before the pendulum swings back again.

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