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'I hate him passionately': Tucker Carlson was fed up with Trump after the 2020 election

Do Fox viewers/Trumpers feel stupid yet?

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Secretguy 7 Mar 8

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I was recently talking to a lot of fox news viewers on Facebook in a post from Ben Shapiro about the situation. Most of them didn't seem to have any idea about the dominion lawsuit or the texts from Tucker Carlson.
Those that I confronted about it just made all kinds of excuses when I pointed out the texts. Everything from reasoning that maybe he lied about the election, but everything else he says is true to conspiracy theories that the texts are fake radical left propaganda.

I'm convinced that the overwhelming majority of that crowd is effectively a lost cause. I don't particularly like thinking that way, but if faced with evidence that you've clearly been lied to on such a serious issue your reaction isn't to at the very least consider that you should start looking more closely into the claims made by people like Carlson, you're probably never going to change your mind.


no doubt a few will, but for for the most part they will continue to carry the confusion they began with.

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