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I notice that our server is getting slower and slower. Do we need to kick in some money to help with the overhead?

mischl 8 Mar 12

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I have noticed the same. Sometimes it just doesn't load at all.


It seems that @Admin, who is also the site owner, has lost all interest in this site, including the essential maintenance that all sites like this require.

I don't see how it gets any income. There are probably several ways that it could become self-sufficient. It would be a DRS (dirty rotten shame) for it to disappear.


I would kick in a few bucks a month.

Me too.


I have noticed but have no complaints about getting a wonderful platform here for free.

Notice that it was not a complaint.


Just my thought.

The issues of server slowness, deteriorating customer support and even if the platform is dying have come up here before. And I keep saying the same thing. It is me, not about you. 🙂

@St-Sinner Whenever I make any conclusion or comment about server speed, I always run a speed test. Right now, I'm getting >200 Mbps download. That said, it's not really critical (for me) to have lightning speed. (I'm not a gamer.) But now and then, I'm getting a very noticeable delay on this site.

I agree, I have been noticing too.

Btw, I will be happy to pay a subscription here instead of paying for cable or anywhere else. We are saving a bunch on religion.

@St-Sinner Maybe we could institute a special "subscriber" member with a reasonable annual fee. And think up some kind of little extra benefit to award to subscribers. Although nothing comes to mind in the way of an extra benefit.


I was hoping t was the site and not my computer. Response time is getting slower. I'd consider kicking in to keep it going, if it is not too expensive.


Thought it was my POS laptop. Thanks!

MizJ Level 8 Mar 12, 2023
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