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When European nations and the US label Russia as "Imperialist", at least African's are wise enough to know that is a load of toss. Section of article with link below.

"African countries are beginning to recognize their own national interests and are breaking away from the Western-dominated world order, Oleg Ozerov, the head of the Secretariat of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum has claimed in an exclusive interview to RT.

Speaking to RT host Oksana Boyko, Ozerov noted that African-Russian relations have been on a significant upswing in recent years and that Russia is treating its African partners in a dramatically different manner than Western countries, which have retained a colonial mindset in their dealings with the continent.

This mindset “manifests itself in the form of patronizing attitudes, lecturing and moralizing, insisting that the Western model alone should be accepted as a gift from the gods by our African friends” the diplomat explained, adding that this “aura of arrogance” is backed by a desire to keep African nations dependent and subservient to the West.

Meanwhile, Ozerov pointed out that many African people are “aware of the role Russia has played in liberating them from colonial bondage,” which is why the majority of Africans feel nothing but “disgust and revulsion” when they witness attempts to label Russians as imperialist or claims that Russia aims to plunder the continent.

According to Ozerov, contrary to the West’s belief that its political model is the only acceptable one, Russia, as well as China, is promoting a new model of international order that recognizes different forms of political governance and treats them with respect."


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I knew the BRICS had to be force to bond together because NATO wealthy Killionaires don't know when to stand down. More respect goes to the lesser of the two war mongers.

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