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China Using Mormon Church to Influence U.S. Politics

The findings originate from an Associated Press report published on Monday, which found that "China and its U.S.-based advocates" had been building relationships with state government officials and lawmakers in Utah over the course of "years." Some of these connections included appeals to Utah officials' connections to Mormonism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, an offshoot of Christianity headquartered in the state and practiced by a majority of its residents.

Why doesn't this surprise me

*China’s global influence campaign has been surprisingly robust and successful in Utah, an investigation by The Associated Press has found.

The world’s most powerful communist country and its U.S.-based advocates have spent years building relationships with Utah officials.*


The Chinese Communist Party has spent years currying favor with Utah government officials, with remarkable success, according to a report.


LenHazell53 9 Mar 28

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Yes, it's called good business practice. Building good relationships is what businesses and countries do.

Well at least you understand that the LDS is a business masquerading as a religion for tax purposes and is willing to sell out its own country and professed principles for a quick ¥

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