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Confessions of a Big Pharma Hit Man

Dennis O'Neill -

'As a bioengineer who had thousands of dollars a quarter to use to buy physicians for the Big Pharma crime gang, I loved toe-the-line types like you who would say idiotic things like dumpster diving regarding VAERS.
The voluntary post-marketing system scam the drug industry set up for Rx non-vax meds to obscure serious, often deadly, adverse events not seen in the short-term, small, highly screened patient population phase 3 trials has worked wonders keeping deadly billion dollar a year blockbusters on the market.

I'll never forget how it took a physician, upon whom I called for years, 6 months to get a medical letter from Merck about Vioxx, and its link to aseptic meningitis. Big Pharma is such a sleaze outfit that I often felt guilty working for it, and I saw how unsophisticated the U.S. healthcare system is. It's really a substandard system.
Bribing Congress for total immunity for vax injury, getting direct-to-consumer ads approved, and having the PhRMA write the Medicare Modernization Act as a give away to Big Pharma were all brilliant, but sleazy accomplishments. I kind of admired, in a dark way, how Big Pharma essentially owned all the teaching, and research institutions, was one of the owners of Congress, and bought the medical journals with drug ads, but I saw enough sleaze in how medicine is practiced at the top institutions that I haven't seen a physician in years. The eugenics genetic bioweapon operation underway to murder, and permanently maim millions of people, not to mention the CARES Act genocide, are such that I wouldn't see an M.D. unless brought to a hospital in an ambulance.

One of my friends was murdered by the ventilate, and sedate protocol, this after getting the J&J bioweapon, and my mother has permanently impaired hearing from the Pfizer bioweapon. It's frightening that U.S. Armed Services, and the NIAID set up a massive money laundering eugenics bioweapon operation, and used fear of a trivial COVID19 virus to herd people to their death, and disablement. I'll seek alternative medicine healers first.
We were well taught by the Big Pharma crime gang how to address concerns raised by physicians but I rarely encountered many who knew much about human health, or anything about probability, and statistics so it was trivial to placate doctors.

When my friend Wendy, University of Pennsylvania educated, University of Chicago residency, got breast cancer, she saw up close the incompetence of medicine at Northwestern University. She had been on staff there. She asked me for dietary advice, even though her health habits were quite good. She's of your generation, and she told me nutrition was not taught to physicians.'

BDair 8 Apr 11

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