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Sexual knowledge

Curious to know what each person's experience with sex has been as a adult. Your partner can be same sex without saying so. Be as realistic as possible.
I'm pretty sure I"m more experienced in bed but mostly due to having one teen boyfriend and a lot of experimentation.

I was more or less experienced than my partner in bed

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K9Kohle 6 Apr 30

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I'm male, and extremely well experienced. (Not bragging)
However, I can still learn, so your poll is not well thought out.

Damn fine answer, you win!


Experienced men know to shut up a do what they’re told; or they won’t be invited back.


If Trump and Bubba Clinton voted, the survey would be totally skewed, since Zsa Zsa Gabor and Elizabeth Taylor are dead.

Why doesn't fate bring these perfect matches together?


it's like driving a car. I've driven many but many I've not driven but wish I was driving.

Hell I don't even know what a new car smells like.

@FvckY0u I've forgotten.


Wonder how many votes there'll be for that second option??? 🙂


I am an outlier in the survey. Even if I was totally ignorant in bed, I would be expert and skillful because I married a Mother Theresa type in an arranged marriage.

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