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LINK Busted: See GOP’s DeSantis shredded on TV over book bans, as writer claps back - YouTube

Discussing recent bans on books and theatrical productions...

snytiger6 9 May 12

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Clearly, DeSantis wants keep the people of Florida dumb & gulluble.


Great discussion. The proper response to a ban, by the general public, is to reference the works which have been banned so that they get Googled and seen. That happens naturally among society, which is why bans only cause greater interest for the subject, but it doesn't hurt to be more intentional about doing it, as well.


Everyone should be outraged by this outrageous outrage.

BDair Level 8 May 12, 2023

Florida didn’t ban ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ as fake list suggests


@BDair I don't believe it was the state of Florida, but a single school district within the state of Florida than banned that particular book. Different school districts have banned different books. Most books banned in Florida statewide deal with the LGBT+ issues and community.

True, the state of Florida has not banned any books.
School districts can review books that parents object to,
and they can be flagged and removed.

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