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LINK Is Everything Fascist? - YouTube

Really starts @7:11.

Adorno was my kind of philosopher, in that he examined the modern era, and this is the first I'm hearing about him. I think he had a point and everyone should be acquainted with it. This applies to both political sides and all people. It is the foundation for all the ugliness of human history, in this Dude's opinion, but accelerated by Hitler's regime. I am inclined to think that the only way forward is to forgive everyone who has ever lived of everything they had ever done and, then, scrap our outdated manuscripts and traditions for a new human era. One in which environment plays a part, I'd hope. This new era would also have to fight against Fascism but it would have more experience to draw on, and do better from, than our current era but people will always want control. That means Fascism will always be a feature of human existence. The good news is that human existence ends when each of us close our eyes, or draw our last breath, because our entire experience derives from one electron. All matter (including life forms) must, therefore, be a reflection of itself so would cease to exist when our illusion ends. No?

rainmanjr 8 May 15

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So what is the part of which the environment is supposed to play? As our numbers continue to explode exponentially nature's part would be to get rid of as many of us as possible. Fascism is a good and natural place to start.

My guess is that this is exactly the way environment plays a role but, maybe, it all gets figured out in this new era I fantasize about. In that era the environment is a natural part of any consideration humans have to take action on and, therefore, is greatly improved so doesn't take us out.

@rainmanjr And how is that working!? When people start to suffer, survival takes precedence and one often steps down on the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Survival and procreation are the two strongest impulses for all life.

@jackjr Tao is unconcerned with our suffering or survival. Nature (environment) continues to be OUR major responsibility even during those.

@rainmanjr Problem is, most only see the day to day struggle to survive and fail to understand the consequences of their actions.

@jackjr Reality TV capitalized off that fact. I wonder if Survivalism was triggered as a dominant mentality as a result of environmental evolution?

@rainmanjr In all of these scenarios most of those participating did not make it. Only a select few won.

@jackjr That may be but it's early for the evolutionary game of preparing a species for minute changes in environment. I see indications of that.

@rainmanjr Minute!! Right now a very large portion of Canada is burning and some 30 thousand Canadians have had to leave their homes. Climate Change is real and it is roaring. Too bad so many humans are deaf.

@jackjr It's all gone when I last draw a breath so no longer my concern.

@rainmanjr Seems you are still around so it is!


Blind obedience is the worse problem.

Absolutely correct. Like blind-corners.


I sense a Carlin reference, and a whole lot of something else.


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