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I've read that some think Lao Tzu made his way down to Afghanistan, where he spoke with a fellow that made his way to Egypt/Jordan and imperfectly spread the idea of Taoism. This became the foundation for Stoicism and it flourished during Roman occupation. Taoism (therefore, Dudeism) is easily recognizable within it but instructs us to work through the emotions during meditation and the Koans bring us back to calm analysis of what is. Our anxiety eases as we put forth only an appropriate amount of effort to improve our path (because action has reaction so too much action has a harsher reaction). Taoism is, as the Te in Tao Te Ching suggests, about virtue and Stoicism is about shutting down. A stiff upper lip, as it were.

Anyway, this is a well argued and presented POV.

rainmanjr 8 May 19

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