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POLL Marianne Williamson explains her 2024 presidential campaign - YouTube

Stop the presses! You may be right, I may be crazy, but I think she's saying exactly the right things which could really beat 45, or Death Sentence, and she's saying it well. Not only that but she's right and looks mah-velous.

Marianne is an option?

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rainmanjr 8 May 20

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Who is Marianne Williamson?


We need a strong democrat. Ms. Williamson sounds like a female Obama in using reason to express what this country needs at this point. Biden would do well to make her his running mate in the next election.

She's white so he won't do that. Besides, her agenda is all about using The Bully Pulpit and the VP has no such pulpit.

@rainmanjr I doubt the color of her skin is that important. She's a woman and that also counts. Biden was once VP so that position shouldn't matter, certainly not as much as age. Of course there are those anti-feminists still at work even though women have proven themselves more than capable (unfortunately, on both sides)

@jackjr Skin color is important as all of America has to be represented in one person and it aint POTUS Joe.

@rainmanjr It's not about skin color or even culture but sanity and ability to govern. Without the basics we end up the republican party ruling on a platform of fear and violence.

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