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So are you Americans going to vote Genocide Joe back in at the next election or going to put tendentious Trump back in?

Watch this video & then complete the poll:

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FrayedBear 9 Feb 12

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2 votes for --- all in for genocide and don't want American policy to change. In other words. There are at least 2 people, knowing there are many more, who are ignorant towards the ideology and workings of behind those who commit genocides. Who are most likely in the targeted groups in which are being eradicated, or at any moment could find themselves a target of any aspect of the terms of genocide.

#Stupid is as stupid does.


Genocide Joe won't survive another 4 years. The continued mass murder of Palestinians is costing him support and rightfully so. He was the lesser of two evils. But now that difference has changed. Vote for a mass murderer of Palestinians or a mass murderer of Americans. Americans deserve better!

You do?

You're already complicit not just in the Gaza genocide but also the Ukrainian - Russian genocide as well!


I just looove me a poll that doesn't attempt to influence the outcome.......good Going
(Sarcasm, duuuuuh)

Write your own then.

@FrayedBear ummmif I chose to WRITE a poll, I would.

@annewimsey500 pathetic, & as useful as tits on a bull. You had no problem in understanding the typo.

@FrayedBear and yet you hastened to correct your 3rd-grade mistake.

@annewimsey500 as usual you assume. What if the site ai changed my spelling after I posted or that my attention was called elsewhere when I would normally check after posting? Why can you not understand that your petty childish sniping doesn't prove that you are better than I but inferior. I had the fortitude to correct the mistake .


76 years of the ADL and their ilk screaming antisemitism when anyone in the gentile world so much as blew their nose within 5 miles of a Jewish person who had not even noticed, has empowered "Bibi" to think that he is untouchable when speaking or acting for Israel, because to disagree with him is (or was) to place yourself on a level with Hitler.

Once this "war" is over, that argument is no longer going to be taken seriously, the war crimes of Israel since late 2023 have completely chewed up the guilt of the west over the atrocious acts of fascist Europe and spat it out.
WORSE the actions of "Bibi" have poured oil on the fire of right wing neo fascism sweeping the world again, and I dread the day, which will come soon, when some new charismatic satanic little shit, rises to power on the foul sound bite "Hitler was right" and the apathetic rulers of the English speaking world will only be able to mumble in to their collective chests "I say, bit much there old chap, bit much"

Just to hand:


How about Joe wins, immediately has a heart attack from the shock and Kamala becomes 47?


Neither they are both way too old to lead themselves yet alone a nation.

Tejas Level 8 Feb 12, 2024

Two party system. Do you want genocide aboard, or genocide at home ? ( You can pick only one. )

I thought that they had 3.


I can’t watch the video at the moment, but am guessing it’s a defence of the Israel support. Biden over Trump, but surely there’s a third option that can be viable. I’m not American though and have heard Americans talk about it being a 2 party system.

Quite the contrary. It is an utter condemnation of Biden \ USA \ Israel. 12 minutes watching well spent.

@FrayedBear ah, I meant Biden defending his support of Israel. Will watch when I next have wifi 😊 yes watched and it’s awful. Biden admitting they’ve gone overboard and yet not stopping is somehow worse than defending the support.

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