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What do they do at the mormon temple?

So here is some back ground and a question!
I have never been in a mormon temple and never ever see myself setting foot in one. I was raised mormon, yelling and kicking every Sunday as I was being dragged to church. I resigned several years ago.
So as I go to and from work I drive right past a mormon temple. It will be 04:00 in the morning and a big line of cars are pulling into the parking lot. I will come home from work and it can be 23:00 and the parking lot is still full of cars!
Question: What are they doing so early and so late at night??
It mades no sense to me!!

CMan 7 Feb 12

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washing their magic undies!!


Well I do not know, but I do know, that the Mormon church has massive financial and business affairs. So perhaps they need to work late in order to manage those ?

You might be on to something there! There God is self prepetuance, business dealings are worship.

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