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We live in a patriarchal society that imbues increased social power to men through cultural norms and customs, while restricting access to these social privileges to women. Sexism is a body of ideas that exists to justify these standards, and misogyny is a moral manifestation of this sexist ideology. Men don’t want to hear that. We don’t sense our inflated sense of entitlement because dominant culture’s messaging rings true to us. We want to believe “the real sexists” are only the men who explicitly state that men are smarter or better than women, rather than acknowledge that it’s a system that implicates all of us. We want to believe that our accomplishments have everything to do with our individual merits and nothing to do with the oppression of women.

zblaze 7 May 6

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Many, many women are misogynists too.

Incidentally, I've had some horrible interactions with some humanists. They seem to be middle class white men with a belligerent, condescending attitude. Not human at all. Maybe I've been unlucky.


If only we could push Ruuuusssssaaaahhh Dingy Crazy LimpBOSS off public airwaves onto Sirius pay satellite radio with idiotic sexist comic Howard Stern then community standards could move away from greedy patriarchy polluter oil war crime profiteering and zionism towards Feminism Green Science and peace jobs paying equal to all

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