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How long should a nonbeliever In a relationship with a believer wait for them to acknowledge slavery in the Bible?

Last year I gave up Christianity because of the crazy shit I found in the Bible. I broke up with my ex partly because she refused to have conversations with me about things I found the Bible that I was never exposed to in church, like slavery yet she held strong to her beliefs about the Bible and non Christians which made her very judgmental of me. We ended up being very judgemental of each other. She thought I was the Devil and I thought she was stupid for not looking at what her own holy book has to say. Was I wrong and inpatient?

Lil2honest 4 Dec 10

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To me, this does not look like a very promising relationship.


My last relationship was with a man who became deeply into the Hebrew Israelite doctrine. I tried to present logic to him and it was like talking to a wall. That doctrine is so problematic and led to our relationship ending.


Maybe you should find a relationship where you both have the same, or at least similar, beliefs.
It’s not wrong to to be comfortable with your partner.


No, you weren’t wrong. I had a similar problem because the person I was with refused to see logic. Two thumbs up for what you did. Slavery of any kind is absolutely disgusting!


I broke up with my last (of three) fiances largely because she was an unbelieving but practicing mormon which she did to appease her family. I had no desire to appease anyone except a degree.

I'm glad we did though. I finally found out in this adventure I'm not the marrying type. I've since lived the life of a happy bachelor in which if a conflict in religion, politics or how I live in general in a relationship becomes too troublesome...goodbye!


You would have been better off just excepting her faith without picking at it. You were the one that changed. She was what you met. You wanted to force her to change. The was unfair.

I wasn’t trying to change her. I was only trying to hold a conversation about things I found in the Bible recently that she and I didn’t know were there and were morally disgusting. She wasn’t even willing to have the conversation.


You devil You; Good conversation & respect is the mark of a good relationship and does not require patience.

mzee Level 7 Dec 10, 2017
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