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LINK Mark Burns, preacher who lied about his military service, launches "Military Christian Academy" -- Friendly Atheist

The MAGA cultist has the uniforms all picked out. No details yet on how everything else will work.

Mark Burns, a résumé-padding, culture war-obsessed MAGA cultist and preacher who failed in his 2022 bid for Congress, has finally launched a Christian military academy he first announced back in October.

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Last year, Burns described the “Burns Military Christian Academy” as necessary “to save our children from the evil public school system.”

He said on Facebook that the school would ensure that students “are not exposed to LGBTQ, CRT, or 'woke' teachings.” They would also wear “military-inspired” uniforms while using the Abeka curriculum (a fundamentalist Christian company that specializes in writing textbooks for parents who don’t want their kids to actually learn anything).

This wasn’t really meant to be a military academy. This was just another form of Christian Nationalist indoctrination. And it was from a guy who said in 2022 that teachers who accepted and educated students about LGBTQ people should be charged with treason, then executed.

It’s familiar rhetoric for anyone who’s followed Burns and his political trajectory over the years. In November of 2021, he called for the establishment of a theocracy, saying that anything “contrary to the word of God” needs to be removed from the country and made “illegal.” This is a man who offered up a biblical defense when Trump condemned African nations as “shithole countries.”

Burns is a professional liar who wants to put his hand on the Bible while torching the Constitution. For a preacher who falsely claimed he spent six years in the Army Reserve, this was just the latest example of Burns disrespecting the people who actually serve in uniform.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t think this school would actually launch. I assumed he’d fundraise for it, say the project can’t get off the ground because of liberals, then pocket the cash and hope no one remembers why they gave it to him in the first place.

I was wrong about that.

It looks like it’s actually launching this coming school year:

That video raises a number of questions, like who thought putting those hats on their heads was a good idea? Where did this footage come from given that the school hasn’t opened yet? What the actual curriculum going to look like?

As it stands, there are no substantive details on the website. Burns wants people to send him their information but there are no specifics on the website about how this school will operate. The questionnaire to get more information literally asks things like, “Do you believe that it is ok for schools to indoctrinate students with a Woke, CRT, agenda?”

Only the most irresponsible parents would agree to send their kids to an unaccredited school with no track record, no listed staff, and no idea what classes might look like. Based on Burns’ recent Facebook posts, it seems clear more time has been spent thinking about the uniforms than anything educational.

It’s also bizarre that Burns plans to launch this school for all grade levels right from the beginning. A more thoughtful approach would involve starting with just one or two grade levels, then expanding each year as those kids develop.

The won’t end well and the students will ultimately suffer. But how quickly everyone realizes that is the unanswered question right now.

(via Right Wing Watch. Portions of this article were published earlier.)

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I guess if you're a MAGA religious fanatic who can't legitimately get elected, then the next best thing is to try to create your own military to gain power that way ...

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