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LINK Can you be a Muslim if you're an atheist? | World news | The Guardian

It’s impossible to avoid the conclusion that non-Muslim countries have been included solely to discourage use of the designation “Muslim ban” and attendant challenges to its constitutionality. With lower courts blocking the order, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments for it again on 25 April, the last day of its present term.

For his part, Trump called the new order a “watered down, politically correct version” of the original. For his most dedicated followers on the far right, its ultimate goal remains a “clash of civilizations” between Western civilization and Oriental barbarism. While alt-right ideologues are fond of repeating the claim that Islam “isn’t a race”, and therefore Islamophobia can’t be racism, this claim doesn’t hold up on a planet that includes a Muslim world. The imbrication of race and ethnicity precedes us; today, the question is how we navigate it.

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Race and ethnicity may well overlap and precede religion here but race and ethnicity are not the problem. Religion is the problem.


Why all the horseshit verbiage ? You can ban communists who won't repudiate violent overthrow of USA fucking camel jockeys want death to America so ban them too


I know cultural Jews who are atheists. The problem with Islam allows NO space for freedom of thought or dissent or even criticism of itself. answer your question..I don't think so.

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