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Nail this liar in 9 words please


This was really good.


This guy makes some good points, but I don't think Peterson is being deliberately dishonest. I think he just has some honest holes in his worldview that he hasn't worked the wrinkles out of yet. And I don't think his views on religion are baseless nonsense. I think he comes closer than anyone else I know to getting it right on religion, and I don't think he is an apologist for a literalist interpretation of religion; he knows the metaphorical interpretation like the back of his hand, and uses it as his primary vehicle in his lectures. He's a complicated guy, but not a fool.

skado Level 9 May 8, 2018

IDK I'm posting another article about him today; []

"Peterson thinks there is ancient, pre-rational wisdom and human wiring in both our DNA and our oldest religions. They combine to produce archetypes and archetypal behavior that we are better off understanding and respecting than tossing aside in the name of modernity or revolution. It's Old Testament–style rules, animal-kingdom mating patterns, and Disney movie mythology (no, really), not conflict avoidance, enforced equality of outcomes, and the death of God. It's Allan Bloom's Western Civ and Robert Bly's masculinity pep talks refracted through Jung and Nietzsche, with some Paglia-esque genre hopping to spice things up.

Good article, thanks.


Never herd of Jordan Peterson, but my first impression of him is that he is just "a dick"... like my first impression of Bill O'Riley, Mitt Romney or Donald Trump.

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