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LINK What Biology Can Teach Us About Crime and Justice

The field of ethology, formally the study of animal behavior in their natural setting, has been rebranded by some scholars as the study of animal minds. Among the most important pioneers in this field are the “trimates:” Jane Goodall, the late Dian Fossey, and Birutë Galdikas, the scientists who made the most significant contributions to our knowledge of the natural behaviors of chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans, respectively.2 Their work has inspired scientists from around the globe to conduct more thorough investigations, revealing that that social animals express a rich and complicated cultural fabric that often bears a striking resemblance to our own.

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Dian Fossey was murdered by poachers who resented her protection of gorillas. ...vegans are the current day protectors of many social species. ...cows are social pigs are social chickens are social. ..they may not learn hundreds of words in American Sign Language as many primates have but fewer animals will be murdered for food if the hungry person is required to kill a living being, watch the light of life go out their eyes, blood drain out their bodies and cadavers sliced with band saws or knives...consider making your own shoes out of cow skin. ....there is needless waste throughout the animal death industry. a hunter not a cash customer for the slaughterhouse

Well said Green.


A recent PBS Nova report showed how many species communicate and have a language. There was an interesting study on whales that showed one song appearing in one part of the world and spreading to another. Scientist could actually follow the . Then a new would start and spread. We always seem to forget other animals are also highly sentient and many of us share life commonalities.


That was a superb article.

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