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LINK Do ripples in space-time herald a new theory of gravity? | Aeon Essays

A billion years ago, two dancing black holes make a final spin, merge, and – in a matter of seconds – release a cataclysmic amount of energy. Much as a falling pebble spreads waves on the surface of a still lake, the merger initiates gravitational waves in the space-time continuum. Fast-forward to planet Earth and the year 2015. After an immense journey, the gravitational waves from the black-hole merger pass through our solar system. On the morning of 14 September, they oh-so-slightly wiggle the arms of the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors in Louisiana and Washington state. A pattern of light-waves shifts in a distinctive, long-sought way. A computer sounds the alarm.

zblaze 7 May 11

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Not as variable projected over so many billions of years in the future. ...light bends gravity bends but not that much for current travel capabilities


Pure science may never become applied science. you see a time machine here ?


Warning, do not activate this link, unsafe site

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I've never had a bit of trouble with this site or this link. Why do you think it is unsafe magic??

@zblaze replying out of respect for this group, an alert received from McAfee as an unsafe site, run a full scale scan, nothing detected, who knows? looked to me to be a good and safe site too. hope its all a false alarm, but people be aware and run a security scan, I know its a pain, but better safe than sorry

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