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What to do?

My daughter, an extreme fundamentalist, invited us to her church for my grandson's "dedication." This would mean 3 hours of driving, after getting up at 5am to get ready, and leaving at 6am.
My 17yo has refused to go because she is LGBTQ+, and this church teaches that she is evil and possessed by demons. I respect her decision.
How do I respectfully decline without alienating my daughter (my grandson's mother)?
P.S. This is not about my personal dismay at his being dedicated to a fictional sky wizard.

Notlost 6 May 11

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"Wish I could go, but I already have plans to kick back on the couch that day."

I'm sorry, couldn't resist. I prefer honesty, for example, "I respectfully have to decline. I don't believe in those teachings." Something like that.



It is simple, you LGBTQ daughter has given you the way out.
You simply tell her if her sister is not welcome and sis subject to condemnation in the church then you cannot in all conscience attend as you cannot favour one of you children over another.
Wish them well, thank them for the invitation and tell your daughter that you a re sure that she as a Christian will be Christ like understand and forgive you.

Precisely what I was thinking only you said it better.

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