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Is this a dating site or a site that promotes reality? Cannot tell.

bioarch1961 2 Dec 12

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I am of the opinion, that the site operators will eventually move more in the direction of a dating site once the membership increases, but for now it is more of a reality site.

The site is growing pretty fast. A month ago the closest member was more than 100 miles away and now there are half dozen within 20 miles.


It's both. I'm enjoying both aspects of the site.


Would you like to find out?????


It has multiple aspects - you can go in whatever direction you choose.

Though it's still growing, so as more people come on board, more chances for all sorts of interaction.


I do enjoy this site but unfortunately it appears all interaction takes place in cyberspace. I am not sure if it's me or the site but doing a search for my area does not seem to work. I keep getting people from all over. ????


Dating site? You must be kidding. Or a site that slams religion?


I quite enjoy reading and commenting on the posts. I must be a rough diamond waiting to be discovered.



skado Level 8 Dec 12, 2017

Well shucks.... I'm just here to make friends .... That kind of feel the way I feel.

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