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LINK The Seattle 7

Scroll down to epilogue. (below the picture)
” The Seattle 7 believed that a good society holds itself together by recognizing people’s common need for food, shelter, safety, personal affection and meaningful activity, now and for future generations. That is, of course, the American dream.
We live today neither in the worst of times or places, nor in the best of times or places. Much is left to be done; our relatively greater freedom to dissent comes with greater responsibilities to exercise that right. The problems out there to be solved today are surely as great as they were in 1970. The tools available today are more numerous, and the opportunities for creative engagement are broader, as well.
Dynamic, thoughtfully focused dissent is even more American than apple pie, and is both the foundation and the scaffolding of a more just and free future.”
Also note the commment about the author, Kit Bakke, a very interesting woman.

JackPedigo 9 May 13

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that's a nice stance they have. . I concur except the american dream bit. that's been hijacked a long time ago. you have to reboot to stand even a tiny chance of achieving that level of co-operation

I thought about leaving that part out. The point is the statement is about resources and they are getting in shorter and shorter supply.


The moment big money started making a serious move into politics - having seen how easy the public is to manipulate - is when things took a turn for the worse.

The dream had been to work hard - the dream of the immigrants and then the market crash and the dust bowl.

I would have thought we had learned good lessons in the years of the 'New Deal' but government officials do not seem able to ignore the smell of money.

We are not winning.

No we are not. The New Deal as made during a time of environmental and fiscal crisis. The environment is now is a similar if not worse crisis. The economy is based on using the interest on the principle. That principle is our natural resources. Unfortunately, the principle is fading hence all the efforts to gut what is left. I'm sorry but I feel the citizens of a country also work 'hard' and should have first choice of the American pie.

@JackPedigo I agree, and the citizens need to lose the apathy and ignorance that got us here.

@silverotter11 I think the main problem is anger. Anger saps all ones ability to think straight.


3.9% unemployment and my grandson with an honors degree in business is still without a job after 150 resumes

Maybe management are scared he'll take their job?

Often specialty jobs are often harder to get than low skilled ones. I remember a time during the 70's when PhD's and those with high degrees were selling hot dogs on the street due to a shortage of highly skilled positions.


So many victims in a time of so much. If only they were the real victims, not college students.

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