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I find a lot of people, even those who don't tend to have other religious/spiritual beliefs tend to hold on to karma (if not necessarily in the Hindu/Buddhist context of an afterlife, then still in some metaphysical form). I think that maybe it makes people feel good to believe that justice eventually comes for everyone, good, bad, or otherwise.
Me personally, I don't believe in karma in any metaphysical sense of the word. I do contest that people tend to gravitate toward those of a similar nature to themselves (birds of a feather...). Thieves with thieves, bullies with bullies, empathic with the empathetic, etc... In this way, people tend to get what they give. But sometimes, maybe even oftentimes, good things come to bad people with no equitability, and bad things happen to good people with no recompense. Fair? No, but no one promised that.
Agree? Disagree?

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ghettophilosopher 7 May 15

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I am living proof that there is no Karma. I would like to elaborate on it but it's too personal.


I think that what we do typically determines what happens, not always but most of the time, and that we are to some extent complicit in how our own futures turn out, to me that's Karma.

cava Level 7 May 16, 2018

This is Karma.


Newton's third law applied to metaphysics.


I must admit to several moments of schadenfreude when the people who held my 10 year old daughter hostage all suffered bad ends.


I think you nailed it down pretty well.

Deemo Level 4 May 15, 2018

Sort of. It all comes back to the 'do unto others' philosophy.

We are a social species and so tend to gravitate to people who have similar values to ourselves.

Sometimes shit happens to good people and sometimes good happens to shit people. But generally we make our own luck and for the most part, if you are good to others, it gets reciprocated.

No. We do not make our own luck. Luck doesn't exist. Some people have opportunity fall in their lap, some people are savy enough to see a good opportunity, some of us cultivated relationships that became fruitful, and some of us don't have any of that.

Your argument suggests that all poor people could be rich because they had they same opportunity as those who came from nothing to being wealthy... Not the case.

@Joenobody I agree with what you say and my reply was ambiguous. The luck I was referring to was in the context of how we are treated by others, in that I often hear others say that x is lucky to have such good friends, when friendships are cultivated and don't just happen.

I fully accept that getting rich requires a completely different skill set and education system.


What goes around just goes around.


Sometimes the things people do lead to their own comeuppance. Can easily be mistaken for karma.
I would like karma to exist in some form. But it doesn't.

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