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So the groups have been around a while now. I kind of think the groups are lame, not the content or whatever, but the structure. Could we not get the same functionality with just an expanded, editable category selection? Not to mention, some groups feel elitist in nature.

NothinnXpreVails 8 May 16

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Some surely are, but groups also helps one find what is of more interest to them. You are free to join or not. I'm in a number of groups & still peruse & post in the regular categories.


I agree somewhat. I think categories would suffice and would be more inclusive.


everyone is free to create their own group, as inclusive or elitist as she/he pleases. you also have the option to moderate your group, & i can leave a group if it doesn't suit my interests (any more). what other freedoms do you expect a group to offer? groups by their nature are compromises.

What freedoms do I expect? What? I’m not looking for freedom

sorry, @NothinnXpreVails, when you mention "elitist" i take that to mean something restrictive. no offence intended.

For example, I love movies but that category is mixed in with books and music. There are at least 2 movie groups, so which one? Same for books, a number of book groups so which one is best. Joining all the different groups is not the most ideal way to be informed.


I know at least one of the groups was formed because some people were hypercritical. Some folks can't just let others live 😟

I know of one group like that.


I agree. The Music, Movies & Books should be 3 separate categories for one.

Form a group for your particular interest! Even separating these subjects can be terribly broad, so go for what interests you & see if it interests others, too.

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