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LINK Trevor Loudon's New Zeal Blog » First-Ever Muslim Candidate For Governor Comes Unhinged Over Question About Sharia

First Muslim candidate in Michigan became irate after being asked about Sharia Law.

repubatheists 7 May 18

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"Manasseri said one of the most revealing moments of the forum was how the other two leading GOP candidates – Attorney General Bill Schuette and Lt. Gov. Brian Calley – sat silently throughout the entire exchange about Sharia.​" I also guess the author of this article has not heard of the nice, scientist, muslim candidate Dr. Shri Thanedar.

AG Schuette ant Lt Gov Calley are too busy pushing the Michigan Legislator to pass Marijuana legislation before the mid terms because they are afraid of the predicted liberal voter turnout.

Maybe this forum should have taken place in a city 30 miles south of where I live, there they could have drank the untreated city water of Flint, Michigan while they debated the topics.

I find it quite interesting that the only concerns raised is about this candidates religious beliefs. I personally have a problem with "all" there beliefs.

Michigan is a good example of the misconception that conservative ideals make positive change in society. In the last 30 years Michigan has been controlled by the Republican party. They have yet to solve many crucial problems that face my state like, environmental protection, failing infrastructure, urban blight, school finance and justice reform to name just a few.

MarkF Level 5 May 20, 2018

Idiot Marine here is running for Governor as an xian to force all women to stay pregnant. ...Michigan muslim is claiming the same crime of theocracy as his platform. ...McCarthyism must be defeated by Atheists to shame theocrats back to Bethlehem or Mecca where they belong


My goodness! I'm glad I don't have to vote in that election. I have nothing against Muslims but I sure have problems with their religion. I might vote for a person who is a Muslim but never for one who represents and is pushing Islam.

gearl Level 7 May 18, 2018

That’s because they think Sharia law should be the law of the land and anyone who questions that is considered dangerous. Myself I consider them to be dangerous!!

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