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Nazi Punching

Do you support the proactive destruction of a self described Nazi's facial region with a fist?
Why? Why not?

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ThorR 5 May 18

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I never support violence. I understand the want to but it is never okay to hurt another based on what they believe no matter how wrong it is.

RJAU Level 4 May 22, 2018

Violence is the right-wing go to ploy. Fight them on your terms not theirs.


Punching me doesn't work so I'm betting punching them won't either.


The problem I have with punching a Nazi is that so many people are being called a Nazi today for nothing more than not agreeing with the far left. The Nazi party had a very specific set of beliefs, and most of the people being labeled a Nazi today do not share those same beliefs. I have seen people called a Nazi for not agreeing with feminism, or gun control, or LGBT rights, or any of 100 other things.

In general I am a non-violent person, and I think what needs to happen is we need to stop labeling people with these hyperbolic descriptors like Nazi, racism, misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia and such. These people genuinely believe that they see problems in those communities that need to be dealt with. Calling them those names before even talking to them and trying to shout them down will only harden their position. They will be (currently are) on the defensive and will not consider anything anybody who is not confirming their ideas says.

Going further than just using labels, that they frankly DO NOT CARE ABOUT anymore, and starting to use violence will just prove their point to them. As far as they are concerned anyway.

Now we see them showing up to their rallies armed, and looking to fight to defend their beliefs. They see the videos of these "Nazis" getting punched on YouTube or wherever and they see cowards sucker punching people and then running away. They are not afraid. These videos tell them that the left is full of cowards that are barely willing to sucker punch somebody and who are completely unwilling to finish anything.

Essentially, what we are talking about here is a battle of ideas. The way you win a battle of ideas is by having the better ideas, not with violence.


Not proactive. Reactive is a different thing.


Tolerating Nazis caused the the Holocaust and theSecond World War, I was taught to punch them anytime they raise their cowardly faces least this happen again.

@mudhen because some people see violence as wrong no matter who you're hitting.


Don't we have enough violence already?


If you use or need violence to defend your beliefs from words, your beliefs are stupid.

Tejas Level 7 May 18, 2018

This is violence as a critique of an explicitly violent ideology. Hence not a defense.

You can't generalize what an individual thinks or believes based on what group they belong to. Everyone has different ideas, no two people agree on everything. Based on your logic it would be okay for me to assault anyone who i thought had a violent ideology, Christians and Muslims for example.

and since when did violence become a good critique of anything? people that assault people for saying words where i come from are called criminals


Yes. Nazis and white supremacists and et cetera need to be told they aren't welcome in the only language they understand.


Violence only begets violence. What are we teaching our children if we use violence or condone it as the quick easy answer to all our issues? Won't it get worse? Won't the other side feel the need to respond in kind? Wouldn't they hold the moral high ground? Just joking, I'd beat the fuck out of a Nazi.


lead by example. I dare you


I think the more attention they get, the more empowered they feel. I'm not against throwing a punch for self-defense but to seek out these suckers and engage with them...that's futile.


Would a good 'ol throat punch do?


No, I'd help them administer cyanide though 😉 Lols.

I like the way you think 🙂

Ooooh, evil thoughts, I like it

Administering cyanide is their job.

@RobAnybody to clarify, to themselves I mean. I think they might be able to speed the process up a little, rather than leaving it until they've finally realised that it's their only option, after murdering and worse, just start with it before the hurt anyone else!

@RobAnybody Although if they could be educated, the TheInterloper's post below: SilverDollarJedi's post, that would obviously be the best case scenario.


No vote... to me that is like "Will you support the crucifiction of an atheist/agnostic?", "Why not?"


Violence is the only language fascists understand.

Jnei Level 8 May 18, 2018

@TheInterlooper nice one, thank you.

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