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Black Preacher at the Royal Wedding....

If you watched Harry and Meaghan's wedding or saw a clip of it, what did you think of the animated, voistress black preacher????

2muchstupidity 6 May 20

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He was awful.

I agree!


I did see his sermon. As Ed Milliband, former leader of the Labour Party and an atheist Jew said, “he could almost have made a believer of me”. He was exceptionally good, I have to say, and distilled of its religious overtones, the sermon was very uplifting.

Apart from his referneces to slavery. Yawn. Actually, I am far too familiar with black preachers and I switch off to avoid smacking them in the mouth.


Saturday Night Live spoofed the castle scam. ...I have only seen still photos shoved in my face by fake news. ...the alleged royals should have all property liquidated and all wealth confiscated to fund jobs for the poor and make all these bastards work green jobs live in average flats or farms


I would never wear a military uniform next to my bride in white....preachers would be instantly gagged if one pretended to be an Atheist at my % secular wedding guest list

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